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The Reality of Magick

The Reality of Magick

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My Wedding Ring: Labradorite

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Dreams: I Want Off

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Summer Daze

The large backyard flower garden is the only one I didn’t re-mulch this year; I just salted down the pebble path that runs through it and sort of let nature take it’s course.  As much as I loved how it looked, all sharp and dramatic with black mulch, the reality of keeping it this way struck home with the dozens of 40lb bags of mulch we hauled in to do the other garden spots.  My back and various other muscles complained loudly.  The garden has been over-joyed with its new-found freedom.  Purple cone flowers have sprouted in amongst everything, being all friendly and amiable; the black eye-susans have spread to twice their area, and I have found (to my delight) that strawberry plants are happily mingling with everything, throughout the entire garden.  It’s working.  Everyone is getting along.  That’s how it’s suppose to be.

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Forms of Magick

Sympathetic Magick— “This is that.”  

A specific object is chosen to represent the target of a spell. Through sympathetic magick, this object actually ‘becomes’ the target.

Whatever happens to this object, happens to the target.   The most common form of this magick, and the one I have personally used the most, are poppets— those infamous dollies of hoodoo fame. A poppet does not just represent the target, it actually becomes the target, with the addition of personal items and effects belonging to the subject, secret rituals to breathe it to life, and the movement of magical energy to manifest and transform the very being of this cloth creation into the flesh and blood essence of your target. This is why it’s so important to keep these poppets in secure safe locations.

Comparative Magick—

A relationship and connection between a magickal object or objective is associated with and represented by a specific item or items.  

A good example of this type of magick would be the Witches’ Bottle. Say for instance that you want to create a bottle to draw money and wealth. You would add to this bottle a number of items, all designed to draw the energy of money and wealth to the bottle, and thus to you. These items would include coins and paper money, herbs for wealth and prosperity, stones, and personal talismans. This bottle is, in effect, representative of your desires and your objective, which is to draw money to yourself. And it will do just that.

Directive Magick— “This affects that.”  

This magick raises energy while the practitioner focuses and visualizes their goal and uses an item or items to move this energy toward manifestation.  

The most common form of this magick, and the easiest to work, is candle magick. The candle is imbued with the energy of your goal by carving various symbols and sigils upon it, dressing it with oils and rolling it in herbs that carry the energy of your intentions. As the candle is consumed by the flame, you will maintain a visualization of the end results of this spell, so your goals and intentions are sent out into the universe and the cosmos with lightening speed and absolute assurance of magickal manifestation.

 Transference Magick—

Transference magick moves a malevolent energy out of one object or individual and into something or someone else.   The most mild example of this type of magick would be protective magick utilized to block negative energy or to send it back to its source. A more intense form of Transference Magick would be an exorcism; and the most extreme form would be a hex or a curse.

Source:  Online Book— “Natural Magick the Gray Witch Way”…