Oh, Blessed Dirt

Dirt is dirty, but our kids need it. Research shows kids who play in the dirt are healthier than those shrouded in a germ-free bubble. Why kids and mud are the perfect pair...

My Next Book!

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Good-by Sweet Summer

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Dream Journal: LA Dawn

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Every Cat Has a Tale: And Then Again...Strike 3

I’ve been calling Premier Staffing once a week religiously since I put in the application for the position— the one where I’d get to write brochures and pamphlets for a company here in Fremont and take care of their internet social sites— I even stopped there in person one week.  I learned yesterday that this position was……

Women: Your Input Could Wind Up In My Next Book

Ladies– Your input could be included in my next book:

I’m looking specifically for your goals…Goals for the Maiden, the Mother, & the Crone.

Send me a PM at My Facebook Page,  or an email at witch_of_endore@yahoo.com telling me first if you are a Maiden, Mother, or Crone, and then a list of your personal goals, whatever they may be. If this information is included in my book, it will be done so anonymously.

PLEASE Do Not Leave Your Response As a Public Comment (that is, your list of goals)– PM me, or email me.

All other routine comments are very welcome. :)


I want to say “Thank You” to the women who have responded. I hope that women out there continue to send me their goals (whether complicated and Big, or mundane and delightfully Simple, it’s all good). The response has been so intriguing and interesting; there’s such a diverse group of women out there. I’m so hoping that I get a sufficient number of responses so that I can include this section in The Book. Keep ‘em coming Ladies!

Love ya’ Alls

Edit:  The Book is FINISHED!  Thank you for all your wonderful contributions!

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The Reality of Magick

The Reality of Magick